First Hunt with Minelab CTX3030

Coin Shooting can be described as searching specifically for coins with a metal detector. Basically, all other targets are either skipped or discriminated out in an effort to find coins only.

Recently I met up with a friend to do some coin shooting at a local park. He was running his XTERRA 305 with the Sharpshooter coil, and I was using my new Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector.  We were detecting near some sports fields and we both found a handful of coins.


As you can see, the CTX3030 is an excellent coin shooter! I was finding coins everywhere and eventually switched to only searching for quarters and dimes because I got tired of digging pennies.🙂

Later we met up at a couple of old churches in a nearby town where we have permission to metal detect. Again I was finding modern coins, but I knew that the property was old so there was a good chance of finding a silver coin or two there.


Out back near an old shed, I got a beautiful sounding dime tone and coupled with the target ID number I knew there was a good chance that the target could be silver. Over 7 inches deep in the bottom of the plug I saw a dime and because it looked like a silver I got excited.

The first full hunt with my new CTX3030, and it found it’s first silver coin, a 1939 Mercury Dime.

– Back on the silver train, I’ll take it!


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Minelab CTX 3030 Added to the Arsenal

You know it had to happen, eventually…so the latest addition to my detecting arsenal is the Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector.


This detector has a ton of cool features, and after I learn a bit more about it I’ll share with you guys. Also grabbed my little buddy a Minelab GoFind 20 so that he can do some detecting with good ole dad sometimes.

Can’t wait to get this thing out there and see what it can do….

Until then, Happy Hunting everyone!


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A Surprise Golf Course Metal Detecting Find

A Surprise Golf Course Metal Detecting Find

Some of my coolest finds have come from short hunts.  Last weekend I had a chance to detect at an old golf course where I have found a 20 Pence Irish coin, a 1943 Mercury Dime and a few other neat finds in the past.

I mostly found modern coins with a quarter mixed in here and there, but nothing major to speak of when I noticed a flat area under a couple of trees that were close to each other and figured that golfers would probably sit there to take a break.

After a few minutes of detecting the area, I got a tone on the E-Trac that indicated multiple coins in the same small area.  In the past I have heard that same type of tone where it ended up that there was multiple coins close to each other, but I have also heard that type of tone where the target ended up being a large shallow target.



That’s exactly what this was, a 1982 Kennedy Half-Dollar that was only a couple inches deep, laying flat.  Raising my coil when swinging over this target gave me a weird tone that make me think I had two quarters spread out, when in reality it was a single large coin that sounded off like a coin spill.

It was the find of the day, and only the second Kennedy half I’ve ever found so I was happy to see it come out of the dirt.

Both times that I have swung over and found a Kennedy half, I thought I either had a large target, or multiple targets spread out.  Many guys will tell you that if you raise your coil 6 inches and still get a good tone, that it is probably not a coin, that is not true…If it happens to be a large coin that is shallow, like the two half dollars that I’ve found.   Just something to think about before you raise your coil and move on to the next target because “they” said to.🙂

As stated, this was the find of the day aside from some modern coins, a few golf cleats, some aluminum scraps, and even a fishing weight were the finds of the day.  This half wasn’t a Silver Dollar, but I’m always happy to find at least “One Good Find”.

Hope you guys have great luck on your future hunts.


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