Found a Couple More Rings

Man it’s been fun detecting lately!  I’ve been finding rings with fair consistency. Call it luck, skill or location, but I’ve found 7 rings in recent hunts with my AT Pro metal detector.

This ring was found a couple weeks ago near a low hanging branch that I have seen people climb in the past.  I figured that maybe someone had lost a ring near there while climbing on the tree.

925 3 ring

I got a nice tone and just a couple inches down I found this .925 triple ring.  At the time, I didn’t know it was silver, but when I just took a picture of it for this blog post, I could see where it is stamped .925!  Surprise silver…lol

~ . ~

This weekend I traveled to a small town park in Missouri.  I started out detecting near the creek bank where people sit but I wasn’t having much luck except a few clad coins so I decided to move over to some grassy areas.

I started finding clad coins everywhere, mostly dimes and pennies but there was targets spread out all over the place.

.925 Braided Ring

After digging a few pennies here and there I got a nice high dime tone on my AT Pro and a few inches down I found this .925 silver ring.

The rest of the hunt was modern coins and the usual park junk, but it was a fun hunt, even if I did get soaked in a down-pour before it was all said and done!

Later I went fishing with my 8 yr old son, and that was the real treasure of the day.  We both caught a few fish, saw a cool bird fishing for minnows and even saw a bunny rabbit having an evening snack by the lake.

Ya can’t beat that!

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Guess There Was 3 Rings After All

In my last blog post I shared two rings that I found in a local park.  In that post I said “Hey, if there are two rings there, maybe there are three rings there!”

Ironically, there was 3 rings there and I found all three of them in about 10 minutes at the end of my hunt the weekend!


The ring with the amethyst stone is marked .925 silver and I found it near a baseball diamond.  I was extremely happy when I found it because prior to that all I had been finding was modern coins.  About 5 minutes later, and 10 feet from where I found the silver ring I got a penny tone on my AT Pro metal detector. Only a couple inches down and I found the junker mood ring.


I was surprised to find two rings that close together but I figured that maybe just maybe there might be another ring around there somewhere.  About 5 minutes later I got a quarter tone with a warble and thought to myself “Could it be?”  Sure enough, about 4 inches down I pulled out the square men’s ring that’s stamped .925.

I thought I might find a third ring at that spot, but I never expected to find three rings on my second trip there after finding two rings on my first hunt there.

It just goes to show that you never know what you’re going to find on your next hunt.  These rings make rings #24, 25, and 26 that I’ve found since I began metal detecting.

My wife likes the ladies ring, like I figured she would, so it’s a win win situation for me.

Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you find a big ole gold ring on your next hunt!

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Faith

I haven’t had much luck lately on finding silver coins the last few hunts, but I did manage to pull a couple rings out of a local park.

I was detecting the edge of a walking trail and found this “FAITH” ring.  It is stamped .925 with a hallmark on the inside of the band.


I giggled when I found it because at the time I was getting frustrated in not finding any jewelry, then I got the reminder “You got to have a little Faith!”

The other ring was found on the same hunt but in a different section of the park. I like the Crane and flower motif on it, pretty cool!  It was a fun hunt, and I plan to go back soon.

– Hey, if there are two rings there, maybe there are three rings there!

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