Sometimes It’s Just a Numbers Game

This weekend I got a chance to spend a few hours metal detecting with a friend. We detected in a nearby town where an early 1900’s school once stood. I just knew there had to be silver there, so I concentrated on all of the areas that I thought had a good chance of holding silver coins.

I was high tone hunting, or cherry picking, hoping to find an old silver coin. I had many possible silver tones, but ultimately ended up with $8.00 in modern coins and a cool token.


I like finding tokens, sometimes they’re more rare than the modern coins I tend to find most often. This token has a cool looking gold tone to it, and will make a neat addition to my token collection.

I dug more than a hundred targets at the old school grounds, non of which turned out to be a silver coin, but hey, it wasn’t for a lack of trying!

The sun was setting and my friend suggested that we ask permission at a very old house on a dirt road near by. We got permission to detect there immediately from a very friendly and generous property owner that told us his house is the third oldest in that city. I guess the house to be from the 1880s or so, but it could be even older, I’m unsure of it’s exact age though but somewhere in that age range.

Scanning the front yard I got a nice high tone on the AT PRO and decided to dig it. About four inches down I saw something shiny in the hole.


It turned out to be a nice .925 silver ring! I was so happy to see it because I had dug a 100+ targets, and finally had silver in my hand. It was a numbers game, dig as many good tones as possible in hopes of finding silver, and the numbers game worked!


I showed it to the property owners and asked if they recognized it, they both said No and told me it was mine to keep. I was happy to finally break my silver slump. Man it felt good to cap off a long day of detecting with a silver ring in my pocket!

After another thirty minutes or so, we thanked the property owners for letting us detect there, and while talking to them it turns out that the ole boy is interested in metal detecting and may be able to get us permission to detect some land next to a documented civil war battlefield. It would be awesome to get a new detecting buddy and find a few civil war relics along the way!

All in all in was a great day detecting, but then again, every hunt that ends in silver is a good day if you ask me!

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WWII Aviator Wings Bracelet Found Metal Detecting

This past weekend I shot an email to a guy who posted an old house on craigslist.  I asked permission to detect it and he said come on out!

He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met and told me that part of the reason he allowed me to come out is because he used to detect and remembered how hard it was to get permissions in this area.

Anyway, we talked for the first 45 mins, and honestly I didn’t mind talking with him, I enjoyed his company as much as he seemed to enjoy mine. I would have been happy just talking to him, he was super nice and we talked as if we’d known each other all our lives…good stuff.

After talking for a bit he said to go for it, so I did. First target was an 80-81 on the AT Pro and I knew it was a dime, so I dug it. It was a 1966 Rosie, dang sooo close. Then the next coin was a 1964 penny. I thought “Man, there has to be silver around here somewhere.”

I continued detecting along the sidewalk when I got a tone that rang up in the high 60s, 64-67…but the tone sounded good…so I dug it, 4 inches down out pops this Wings bracelet.

I was baffled that silver came in so low because all of the silver rings and coins I have found were at least in the 70s and more like mid 80s… anyway… It’s stamped STERLING on the back of the wings and on both clasps…

I offered him to keep the bracelet but he declined and said “You found it, you keep it, I just like seeing what is in the ground.”

I told him I thought it was military and he agreed… last night I looked it up, and this bracelet is going for $100+ 


Based on the date ranges of the coins I was finding, I was surprised I didn’t find any silver coins.


Cleaned up a bit…

I think this makes up for a couple silver coins, don’t you?


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Fisher F44 First Finds

I got a chance to take the F44 on a couple of hunts this past weekend, first at the fairgrounds and then later at an old house with a friend.

The first coin I found with it was a Susan B. Anthony Dollar. The F44 hit on it hard too! I knew it was a coin, but was surprised to see a dollar coin in the plug.  Too bad it wasn’t a silver dollar, but I’ll take it anyway. haha


Later at a friends house I found a few more coins and a cool token with and eagle on the front and the words “No Cash Value” on the reverse side.

All in all it was a fun first hunt with the Fisher F44 metal detector. It found several coins including a dollar coin, a buckle, relics, and even a cool token!

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