An Unexpected Silver Find

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. This weekend I went back to an old homestead in the woods to do some metal detecting. I’ve hunted there in the past but after looking at some older maps recently, I noticed that what is shown as a barn on some maps is shown as a house on earlier maps. So, I decided to return and hunt the immediate area where the building had been to see if I could find anything.

I spent about an hour detecting in what was once the yard and mostly found old farm junk like aluminum twist caps, nails, and bullet shells and various sized pieces up rusty buckets. :) I didn’t have very high expectations of finding much there anyway since I haven’t found much there in the past, but figured that it was worth a try. I did find a penny and was satisfied that it was at least a wheat penny, until I turned it over and realized that it wasn’t a wheat penny lol.

I decided to go somewhere else to try my luck and went to a park where they are pushing dirt around and doing improvements to a walking trail & repairing recent flood damage. I was loosely gridding along the dirt path where the walking trail will be when I got a nice high tone that also stayed in the high 40’s on the E-Trac.

I knew there was a possibility of a coin being down there, but I was also finding various sizes of mangled aluminum cans all over the area so I didn’t get too excited. I was hoping for coin and after digging around 7 inches down I saw a dime in the plug, so I grabbed it and looked at the edge…

I didn’t see any copper on the edge, so I got excited and thought I might have a silver Roosevelt dime. I flipped the coin over to see the date on the front when I realized I actually had a 1943 Mercury Dime!


Wow, talk about an unexpected find in an unexpected place! I’m glad that I actually decided to leave the first spot that wasn’t producing any good finds for a chance at a different place.

Final Thoughts:

Sometimes it’s a good idea to be flexible and have a couple of places to detect lined up so that you Don’t Eat A Loser’s Lunch as mentioned in Clark Rickman’s article on Detecting365.Com.

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E-Trac Finds Silver in a Previously Detected Park

When I first started the hobby of metal detecting over 5 years ago I started out with the Fisher F2 metal detector. As most of my long-time readers know, I highly recommend the Fisher F2 after having used one for a few years and finding just about all types of precious metals with it.  The F2 a great detector, and this post is not meant as a detector comparison.  I only mention brands to tell the story about how I found a silver this weekend in a previously detected spot.

Back when I first started detecting I went to a park in a near by town and shot my first metal detecting video ever. Looking back I did pretty good with that machine, my hunt totals were 77 coins, 16 of which were modern quarters, 40 of them modern dimes and the rest were pennies. Given the number of coins found, I figure the park hasn’t been heavily detected in the past, but still… where was the silver coins?

Fast forward to this weekend. I was trying to figure out where to go detecting when I remembered this park and the number of coins it gave up last time. That got me to thinking, maybe with more experience under my belt and a new Minelab E-Trac detector I might be able to go back to that park and find a couple of silvers.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t a bunch of silver coins laying around, just like the first time I had detected there, but after detecting around the old swings and slide, I concentrated on an area in between two large trees that are close together. The thought process was that maybe back in the day parent’s had sat in the shade of the trees and watched their kids play.

After digging a few pieces of junk here and there I heard a nice high tone and investigated it further. Numbers jumped around like 12-46, 9-46, 12-47, 11-46, 12-46 and given the cursor location and depth of the target I had a good feeling that the target might be a clad quarter or silver dime, but fully expected it to be a deep clad quarter.


Over 7 inches deep (the depth of my digger blade and then some) I finally found the target. I knew when I first saw it that it could be silver because most dimes I find are either black or red, so when I saw the silver luster on the coin I got excited. A quick wipe of the muddy dirt revealed the date, a 1957 Roosevelt dime! Silver!

Why am I so excited about one silver dime? Well, because my last silver coin was found back in October when I found my first Barber dime…been a long drought.

Let’s hope the new silver streak continues…lol

Note: It should be said that many many variables play into metal detecting, and that no area is ever truly “hunted out” and that this coin “could” have been found with just about any metal detector…as long as it was within that machines detection depth range.

‘This’ dime was deeper than most I’ve found with other detector’s, and at the end of the day all I can say is the ole E-Trac sniffed it out and broke that darn silver slump…finally.

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Top Finds of 2015

2015 was a good year of metal detecting for me.  I had several “firsts” in 2015 and found a few really cool items!  One of the best parts of 2015 is the fact that last year I got to detect in several new areas!


Irish 20 Pence Coin

This coin is a 1995 Irish 20 Pence coin that I found on a decommissioned Golf Course.  It was about 7-8 inches down, and was found with the Minelab E-Trac Metal Detector.


My First Barber Dime!

This is my First Ever Barber Dime found metal detecting! I was wondering if I would ever find a Barber, and using the E-Trac metal detector I found this dime 7 inches deep by a tree row in a field.


My First Good Luck Token – Hedrick Iowa

This is my First Good Luck token found while metal detecting.  This token is from Hedrick, Iowa and was found near soccer fields that were once a horse riding trail. This token was every bit of 7 inches deep and was found with the Garrett AT Pro metal detector.


World War II Sterling Flight Wings Sweet Heart Bracelet

This is a World War II Sterling Flight Wings Sweet Heart Bracelet and it was found about 4 inches deep on private property while the owner was watching me detect.  This item would have been sent home to a wife or girlfriend and is more rare that regular flight wings.


First 3 Ring Day, Two .925 Silver Rings

This is a picture of my First 3 ring day including two .925 rings.  The funny part is, the hunt prior at this same location I had a 2 ring day.  All in all at that location, on land, I have found 6 rings so far.  I know there is more!


First Gold Class Ring – Returned to owner.

This is my First class ring, and it happened to be a West Point Military academy ring The owner was quite happy to receive his ring back, he had lost it over 15 years ago.  Surely he thought he’d never see it again.

Total from Two Hunts

Total from Two Hunts Includes my First Silver Quarter

This picture shows the silver total for two hunts! The first hunt I found 5 silvers which included my First Washington quarter. The second hunt there was a 4 silver hunt where I also puled a silver ring that isn’t pictured. That was a great detecting spot!

Likewise, I also got to metal detect with a few new friends in 2015,  it was a great year of metal detecting.

Here’s to an even better 2016! Happy Hunting out there guys n gals!


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