Went Back to The Silver Spot

I was excited about my last hunt where I found 5 silvers so I had to go back there and see if I could find a few more.

I started detecting in a couple of areas that I hadn’t detected on my previous hunt. I dug a few pieces of fencing and some other junk targets here and there mixed in with some clad coins but I wasn’t finding any silver coins. Since an hour or so had passed I decided to go back to the spot where I had found silvers on my previous hunt.

I was finding wheaties here and there and eventually I got a tone that I thought might be a silver dime. I grabbed my video cam when I saw the edge of a coin that I was sure was silver and it was a ’37 Mercury dime.

SIlvers found on 2nd hunt

Silvers found on 2nd hunt

Finally I was back in the area that was producing coins. Over the next couple of hours I managed to find 3 more silver Roosevelt dimes in the same general vicinity as the mercury dime. I also managed to find about 25 wheat pennies and some clad as well.

Bear Cub Scout Slider

Bear Cub Scout Slider

I thought that this was a neat find. It’s a Bear Cub Scout Neckerchief slide. Metal detectorists find these regularly, so I was happy to finally find one for myself.

All in all this spot has turned out to be one of the best places that I’ve ever detected. I could be wrong, but I suspect that this was a virgin area to a metal detector previously. If someone else has detected this area, then I can only imagine what he found if these are what he left behind…lol

Total from Two Hunts

Total from Two Hunts

It’s been awesome to finally find more than one silver on a hunt. I also got a few of these on live dig video, I just haven’t uploaded it yet.

Obviously, in order to get the silvers, you have to dig the trash… Those pieces of fencing and rifle brass shells kept foolin’ me. I did my part to clean up the environment by throwing this trash away.

Of Course I Dug Some Trash

Of Course I Dug Some Trash

Oh yeah, almost forgot… I got a hot tip on another spot that has some amazing potential for silver coins. If it goes how I think it should, I may have a new favorite spot… time will soon tell. ;)

Until then, stay searching my friends!

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AT Pro & My Best Silver Day Ever

Man, finding silver coins in my area has proven difficult to say the least. I’ve managed to pull a few silvers here and there, but never more than one at a time, and usually only one every few months. Given that the people in my county were dirt poor, poorly educated, usually farmers whose children didn’t even have shoes, much less coins to drop.

Compound that with the fact that during the 1980’s there was a group of guys who spent every day of their retirement going out detecting anywhere they could collectively think of. How do I know that? Well, I know one of those guys and he told me as much. I have to say that they were pretty thorough at most of the obvious places that one would figure that silver can be found.

But, I have found a few here and there that they missed due to my persistence. One thing that I have recently figured out is that I have been detecting places that are too old. WHAT? You say? Let me explain. Like I said above, most people here were poor farmers who didn’t have money to spare, and they surely were not giving their kids money to lose. They were sustenance farmers who rented the land the and usually ended up with just enough to get by. Until the early 1900’s most people in my area were poor and didn’t have many coins to lose, and if they did, they did their best to find them.

Recently, I have been detecting at places that do not date back to the 1800’s and my finds have started to increase. This past weekend I detected a spot that was popular during the 1940’s and up.

My First 5 Silver Day!

My First 5 Silver Day!

I was using my AT PRO with the 5×8 coil, and one of the very first targets was a 1943 Mercury Dime. I worked the area slowly over about 2 and half hours and had one of my best silver days ever. I managed almost 70 coins with minimal trash and pulled out 5 silver coins, including my first Washington quarter!

This was my best day ever for silver coins, and prior to this I had never had a multiple silver day and was wondering if I ever would. I couldn’t believe that almost 5 years in I had ever found a silver Washington quarter. Now, I have!

Obviously, I am going back this weekend. I have purposely been vague about where I am hunting and what was once there in an effort to not give up my honey hole. It took me close to 5 years to pin this exact spot down, but I finally did and that’s a testament to persistence that finally paid off.

Total finds on the day, included a ring!

Total finds on the day included a ring!

Next weeks blog will be accompanied with POV video of my hunt, as I plan to go back and video this time. Last weekend this spot was muddy and I could only detect about 40% of this area, so I believe there is more there to find!

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Tokens added to TokenCatalog

I like finding tokens… All types of tokens.  That’s one of the cool things about this hobby, you never know what you’re going to find.  If I find a token I get excited.  Usually they have some sort of identifying marks that makes them easier to identify and date.

One website that I like to use to identify tokens is tokencatalog.com. Token catalog is a collection of a half million token listings with over a quarter of a million images of scarce and rare tokens.

Recently, I added two tokens to the catalog. Both were found at old ozark homesites on separate hunts.

I found this HARRS token near an old barn site that was next to a creek. All that remains there today is forest land.


HARRS TOKEN TokenCatalog # TC-411230

I’m still unsure what this token was originally used for. According to token catalog it appears as if this is one of two versions of this token with mine being aluminum and the other example being bronze. This Harrs token is listed on tokencatalog Here.

Back in the early 1960’s, Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton had ‘sample stores” prior to opening the first Wal-Mart. These tokens were handed out for a sales promotion at the sample stores. Like the other token, I found this one next to a creek bank where an old house once stood long ago.

Picture 015


This token is listed on tokencatalog here.

It is finds like these that make the hobby of metal detecting so interesting. You never know what you’re going to find.

Both of these tokens are in rough shape and have no monetary value, but they do have historical value, and I thought it was neat to be able to add these tokens to the TokenCatalog.

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