My Metal Detector Stable

Oh yeah, we all love Detector Pics, so here’s a few shots for your enjoyment. The ponies wanted to come out of the stable for a photo shoot.


Fisher F2 with Sniper coil, Fisher F5, and Garrett AT Pro with 5×8 coil!


Then of Course, the new Garrett AT Pro in it’s natural All-Terrain surroundings!


Man o’ Man, just look at those curves and the way they go all the way down to the shapely coil.


Goodness Gracious, I Love how the sun glistens on the control body…lol

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F5 finds What Others Missed

There is a park near my house that I detect at all the time. I have found three rings there in the past. I’ve also found a .925 bracelet, earrings, and a necklace with a heart pendant there.

The rings that I have found there were in various locations throughout the park. Each ring was a surprise and gave either a zinc tone or a tab tone on the Fisher F2. I’ve used several types of metal detectors there and decided to try out the Fisher F5 along a small tree row that I have detected many times.

I keep going back to that tree row because I just have a feeling that there is a gold ring there somewhere. I’ve gridded the area several times from several directions, and I always find a few targets that I missed or ignored previously. Usually I find can slaw, pennies, pull tabs and the occasional nickel or dime from that area. Targets are getting slim along that tree row, but I couldn’t resist taking the Fisher F5 over there and seeing if it could find anything that the other metal detectors missed.

Right next to the base of a small tree I got a zinc signal on the F5. I thought that I might have a lincoln cent, but the tone was repeatable and since targets are scarce in that area I decided to dig it.


Around 5 inches deep I pulled this pendant out of the plug. It appears to have some sort of egyptian motif on it.

It’s obviously not valuable, but what is interesting is that the Fisher F5 found it in an area that I am 100% certain I’ve detected with more than a couple of other detectors, including the F2.

I also dug a few clad coins, some shotgun headstamps, some pop tabs and a few pieces of can slaw here and there.


The rest of the items were dug at an old homestead in the woods. I found a 1945 Wheat penny, a few zinc pennies, some bullet casings, and other farm junk in an effort to get it out of the way for future hunts. Oh, and a pocket knife (lower left).

I like to show the junk items that I dig. Not only does it get the trash out of the way for future hunts, it also removes the trash from the environment making the area better than how I found it.

Final Thoughts

That pendant was in an area that has been detected by me many times. I have detected close to those tree bases each time I detect there. This pendant was deep enough that I am confident it wasn’t a recent drop so I tend to believe that the Fisher F5 found this pendant where others missed it. Pretty cool.

On to the next one…

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AT Pro Maiden Voyage

Because of the weather I had to wait a few days before I could use my new AT Pro. Finally, Saturday the temperature was around 58 degrees and I got the chance to detect at a local park that has a couple of volleyball courts and some baseball diamonds. I detected the volleyball courts first, hoping to find some lost jewelry.

I set the AT Pro up in Pro / Zero mode with no discrimination and started gridding the volleyball court. I immediately noticed how the AT Pro would give me a low toned hum when I swung over a junk target like a bobby pin. I dug 4 or 5 bobby pins there, which is more than I have ever dug in the last few years. Is it because I was at a volleyball court, obviously used by women? Maybe, but the AT Pro detected them and told me that each one was junk, before I dug it. I was impressed by that.

Medal Found with Metal Detector

Medal Found with Metal Detector

After about 10 minutes, I got a loud, screaming signal and noticed part of this ribbon sticking up out of the sand. I grabbed the ribbon, and as I suspected, it was attached to a “medal.” Imagine that, I found a Medal with a Metal detector!

Maybe my AT IS a Pro now…lol

Next I detected the other volleyball court and found a few clad dimes, and a two quarter spill. Man, when you go over a coin with the AT Pro, you know it’s a coin! Especially the quarter signal! There was no doubt in my mind those tones were quarters before I dug them! It was fun to dig a few coins and hear what they sound like on the AT Pro.

Small 'Bling' Earring

Small ‘Bling’ Earring

Just as I was wondering why I wasn’t finding any type of jewelry, I got a mid tone signal on the AT Pro, so I kicked the sand around a bit and saw something shiny. It was this “bling’ earring. Obviously I wish it was gold, but it is a neat find either way.

I felt like it saved me from getting skunked by not finding any jewelry, so I guess it counts…lol

After hitting both volleyball courts I decided to go to a different park. Before I left I noticed a long mound of dirt that looked as if it might be used as a seating area to watch volley ball games. So, I decided to try my luck there. I dug a few pop tabs and a few pennies here and there when I got a Loud high tone signal. I don’t remember the ID number, but it was consistent and I thought that I might have another penny or dime signal.

Silver 1964 Canadian Dime

Silver 1964 Canadian Dime

Just a few inches down I saw the edge of a silver colored coin. I thought that I might have a clad dime, but instead this coin had a woman on it.

Reverse 1964 Canadian Dime

Reverse 1964 Canadian Dime

I flipped it over and noticed the date, 1964 and thought that it might be silver. I had to wait until I got home to look it up before I knew for sure that it is silver! In this instance I believe that the signal was strong enough that most good metal detectors would have probably found that dime.

Finding the silver dime may be attributed to location or luck as much as anything, but at the end of the day, the fact is that the AT Pro did find a silver dime on it’s first hunt. That was pretty impressive! :)

Day's Total

Day’s Total

Here’s the day’s total finds after about 2 hours of metal detecting. Not a bad take, and I felt like the AT Pro had a pretty good first outing.

This dime brings my all time silver count up to 5 coins. It is also silver coin #3 in as many months! Yeaaahhh! I think the Canadian dime is a beautiful coin, so I’ll take it!

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Fisher F5 Impressive Four Hunts

Since I got my Fisher F5 back in January, it has exceeded my expectations! In just a couple of months I have found two silver coins, a scarce token, and a silver plated Roy Rogers ring from the 1950′s.

I thought it would be fun to do a blog of the F5′s finds from the last couple of months.

Sample Store Token

Picture 015

This scarce Token is the first neat find with the Fisher F5. I was detecting where and old farm once was. All that remains today is a few foundations and a collapsed barn.

The Sample Stores were Sam Walton’s stores prior to opening the first WalMart in 1962.

Picture 018

This token is scarce with less than 50 known to exist.

Silver Dime

On the second hunt with the F5 I was at another old homestead detecting around a large old tree. I had dug a 1945 Wheat penny so I knew there was a chance to find a silver coin there also.

Silver 1953D Rosie

I got a high 80′s reading on the target ID screen, so I dug it and found this Silver 1953 Roosevelt dime. I noticed that there was a high, whiney pitch to the tone when you swing over silver with the Fisher F5.

Silver War Nickel

A couple of weeks later I went back to the farmstead and detected in the same general area where I had found the ‘Sample Store’ token previously. I got a nickel signal that sometimes jumped up into the tab range, so I decided to dig it.


A few inches down I found this nickel, but it isn’t just any nickel. It’s a 1945 Jefferson ‘War Nickel and it’s considered a ‘silver’ nickel being 30% silver. This is my first war nickel find!

Silver Plated Ring

After finding the war nickel, I got another jumpy signal that was also in the nickel and tab range.


It’s a silver plated ‘Roy Rogers Saddle ring’ from the 1950′s! These could be ordered for around $7 in the early 1950s. There was two styles of this ring, with the other style being silver and having the signature of Roy Rogers on the saddle.

Final Thoughts

What really makes these Fisher F5 finds impressive is the fact that within just a couple of months I have doubled my silver finds count!

I had only found 2 silver coins in the last few years, and so far the F5 has found 2 silvers in just two months! The scarce token and ring are also some pretty neat finds! All in all I would have to say that the Fisher F5 is proving to be a very capable machine so far!

The step up from the Fisher F2 was an easy step to take. The F5 is easy to understand and I was impressed that the machine was finding the good stuff right out of the gate!

I can’t wait to see what else it finds next!

Increase Your Finds!

Order Your Fisher F5 Today!

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New AT Pro Metal Detector

If you follow my blog you know that I have been using the Fisher F2 for the last few years, and then recently the Fisher F5.

I love Fisher detectors, and will always own one. They are great metal detectors!

Having said that, I couldn’t resist the chance to get in the water and look for some lost rings.

The summers here can be absolutely brutal with the humidity so being able to get in the water occasionally will be a welcome change to being stuck inside the house all summer long.


Not anymore though, that’s where my new AT Pro metal detector comes in. Here she is in all her beauty, booted up with the 5×8 coil. I’m looking forward to getting out there and putting this detector to the test!

Silver coins at old homesteads have been very hard to come by, so hopefully the AT Pro will be able to find a few coins hidden amongst the nails and iron. I’m looking forward to learning this machine and seeing what we can find together.

In the past, rainy days meant that I had to postpone my hunts, but that’s now “in the past!”

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War Nickel Found with Fisher F5

Man, the Fisher F5 has been proving to be a great metal detector! In 4 hunts it has found a rare token, a silver roosevelt dime, and then recently these two keepers! Of course part of that is due to the location, but the Fisher F5 has been doing it’s job well!


This 1945 Silver ‘war nickel’ was a jumpy signal on the F5. It jumped from nickel to tab occasionally, but the tone was good enough to get my attention. After struggling to locate it in the plug, I finally found it in the root layer. Imagine that, a 69 yr old coin only a couple of inches deep! This is silver coin #2 for the year, and silver coin #2 for the Fisher F5 in just 4 hunts!

IMG_03701950′s Roy Rogers Saddle Ring

Later on I got a medium tone in the nickel range and dug down about 4 inches and found this ring. It’s from the 1950′s and is a silver plated Roy Rogers Saddle Ring. This style is one of two styles. The other one is silver and has Roy Rogers signature on the saddle.

All things considered, I enjoyed my latest hunt and found some cool finds!

You can’t beat that!

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1919 Wheat Penny and Truck

I detected around an old foundation in the woods that sat next to a fork in a creek. I found the usual farm junk, but I was also lucky enough to find this Tootsie Toy truck. The Truck is a model ’49 Ford, but this particular truck dates after 1955.

Tootsie Toy Truck

Tootsie Toy Truck

The earlier models of this truck had closed fender wells. I actually found one of the earlier ones a couple years back.

1949 Ford F6 Circa !950

1949 Ford F6 Circa 1950

This is from the TootsieToy 4” series. It was released in 1950, and was produced from 1950-1969. This casting came first with closed fender wells, and then later open well.

1919 Wheat Penny

1919 Wheat Penny

I was using the Fisher F5 near a huge tree and got a solid 70 signal, so I dug it… It turned out to be the best find of the day and it was this 1919 Wheat Penny. It’s definitely an oldie and it kept me from getting skunked, so I’ll take it. :D

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Old Homestead Hunt

I returned an old homestead that I have hunted in the past. This time I detected an area that I missed last time. I was hunting beside a large tree when I got a nice Zinc signal on the F5, so I dug it and this is what it was!

WWII General Service Button

WWII General Service Button

These buttons are always fun to find, and can help date an area that you are hunting. After finding the button I wandered back to another large tree where I found a silver dime on my previous hunt there.

1950 & 1951 Wheat Pennies

1950 & 1951 Wheat Pennies

I found both of these wheat pennies in the same area as the silver dime. I was happy to dig a couple of old coins and had hoped for more silver, but at the end of the day, I still had fun!

WWII Button, Pocket Watch, Eclipse Headstamp, Couple of Wheaties, and Some Clad

WWII Button, Pocket Watch, Eclipse Headstamp, Couple of Wheaties, and Some Clad

The pocket watch was an interesting find. I searched for the rest of it, but this is all I was able to find.

The weather was great, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing. All in all it was a great day outdoors while Metal Detecting!

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