Metal Detecting – A Combined Effort

What do you do when you have multiple metal detectors that you can use? Well, do what I do… Use them!

That’s what I did this past weekend. I packed the AT Pro, Fisher F5 and Eurotek Pro in the car and off I went. This weekend was a first for me because it was the first time that I have detected three days in a row. I detected a couple of parks and an old school yard where the actual school building is long gone.

One of the parks that I detected was in a neighboring town. What is a park today was once a farm. Some images I have show that old farmhouse and other images show what the park looks like today without the house since it has since been torn down.

Old Farm House - Gone Forever

Old Farm House – Gone Forever

This is what the house once looked like. I thought for sure that I would be able to find some silver coins and was very excited to detect there. I concentrated around the porch area and in between where the trees were. Those beautiful trees are now nothing more than stumps, but they provided me with a marker to know where to concentrate my efforts. My first target was a coin, a penny so I got excited thinking that this was going to be a great hunt.

1951 Wheatie found at Farmhouse

1951 Wheatie found at Farmhouse

Unfortunately, all I found there was a couple wheat pennies and the usual farm trash. There was also pieces of aluminum windows and lead slag all over the place which complicated my efforts of finding silver coins. I was surprised that I didn’t find at least one dime, but then again I believe that the area was backfilled with dirt in an effort to level the ground for a new park bench that now sits where this house was.

Toy Plane Propeller

Toy Plane Propeller

I did find this toy airplane propeller which made me wonder how many imaginary wars it had seen in it’s day. It also told me that at one time a little boy lived in that house. Items like this make me wonder who the people were that lived there and what life was like back then. Not a great find, but interesting nonetheless.

The next couple of days I detected a field that once had a school in it. That school was gone by the 1970′s so I was excited to see if I could find some old silver there. When I first started detecting around what would have been the side of the building I started finding clad coins from the 1970′s. That would be the theme for most of the day until I decided to detect along the side of an old fence.

I started finding wheat pennies under the trees and I believe that is probably where the teacher sat while watching the children play. The Pennies over there were from the 1940′s – 1960′s and since they were the oldest and best finds of the day, I was happy to find them.

1944 Wheat Penny from Old School

1944 Wheat Penny from Old School

I usually don’t blog about finding wheat pennies and clad, but that is what I found so that is what I have to write about. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t disappointed in not finding anything worth posting, but it is what it is.

Weekend Finds

Weekend Finds

I got to get out and enjoy my hobby of metal detecting and the weather was beautiful during most of the time I was out there. I definitely dug my share of trash this weekend, and emptied my finds pouch several times a day which meant that there was no shortage of targets to recover.

I had fun, and at the end of the day that is all that matters…

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Fisher F5 Finds Silver & Dollar

I decided to detect at an old homestead in the woods Saturday morning. I have found silver there in the past, so I wanted to give it another try. I was only there for about an hour since the brush is so grown up this time of year.

I was detecting around a very large tree when I got a nice signal. I don’t remember what it rang up as, but it was a soild tone so I decided to dig it.

Vintage Buckle

Vintage Buckle

About 4 inches down I found this buckle. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I am guessing that it was probably part of a ladies shoes or under garment.

I didn’t find much else at that spot so I decided to go somewhere else and try my luck. I drove by a spot that I have found a lot of jewelry in the past but quickly realized that the grass way way too tall to be able to swing there. I decided to switch things up and see if I could find another spot to detect that wasn’t so over grown. I went by a field that had a school there back in the 1930′s -1960′s. The building is long gone, but the property is still school property. Once again, the grass was too tall to be able to detect there.

As I was leaving I drove past an old church. I noticed that there were a couple of guys there mowing the lawn, so I pulled in and asked one of them about detecting there. He told me to ask the other guy, so I did. His name was Ed, and he was a very nice guy. His main concern was that I not leave large holes all over the place. I assured him that I take great pride in my digging techniques and that I dig a U shaped plug with the back attached so that the dirt can be put back where it came from.

After talking for about 5 minutes, he was satisfied that I would take care not to leave any trace of my presence. He went back to mowing, and I grabbed my gear and headed towards the side yard.

I first started out with my AT Pro, but there were so many signals that I didn’t want to dig a target every 3 feet. I am learning my AT Pro, so interpreting the signals is still a learning experience for me. I had my Fisher F5 in the trunk, so I decided to go grab it since I understand the tones a lot better.

After about 5 minutes I got a nice high tone in the Quarter range, so I decided to dig it. About 4 inches down I found a coin that I thought was a quarter, but it wasn’t!

1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar

1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar

Instead of a quarter it was a 1971 Susan B Anthony Dollar coin! I grabbed my camera and shot a short video of my find. This is my 3rd dollar coin ever, and my first Susan B Anthony Dollar. Pretty cool!

After putting my camera away I noticed that Ed was walking my way. I showed him the coin, and offered to let him have it. He declined but agreed that it was a cool find. He told me that he used to metal detect but had never detected there. As he was leaving he told me that there used to be an old outhouse behind the church building and that I might try my luck in that area.

After about 30 minutes I worked my way over to a large tree. I had detected most of the area when I got a faint high tone signal on the Fisher F5. I have learned that this type of whiney whispery tone is silver from past experiences, so I decided to dig it and find out what it was.

1949 Mercury Dime

1949 Mercury Dime

After digging down about 4 inches I still hadn’t found the target. A quick scan with my propointer told me that the target was actually in the side of the plug wall. I popped a small clump of dirt out and that’s when I saw it! It was silver colored and very clean so I knew that I had found a silver coin. It was my first Mercury dime, and the 3rd silver this year with my Fisher F5!

Man, I love the F5 and the tones it makes. The F5 has found good targets consistently and when you go over a silver coin with this machine the tone has a softer whispery high tone than the clad coins.

All in all I am glad that I stopped to ask permission to detect the old church. I found my first Mercury Dime and my first Susan B Anthony Dollar. It was a great hunt for me, and was a nice change from the previous few hunts where I came back empty handed.

I don’t usually ask permission at places like that but I may start asking more often!

Thanks for reading everyone, Happy Hunting!

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Fisher F5 Vintage Toy Car Find

Recently I had a chance to take the Fisher F5 to an old homestead that I have detected previously. The last time I was there, I found a 1953 Silver Rosie Dime, so I figured I would go back and give it another try.

The grass was completely grown up, around 2 ft tall and it was tough to swing properly, but I was able to find a few wheat pennies, the oldest being a 1919.

1919 Wheat Cent

1919 Wheat Cent

At one point, after finding a wheat penny, I had moved away from that plug when I realized that I was discriminating nickels. Apparently I had hit the knob with my thumb and didn’t realize it. Since targets were few and far between, I decided to go re-check my previous plug to see if I had missed any coins.


Sure enough, I got a solid nickel signal and dug down a few inches and there it was, a 1938 Jefferson Nickel. Wow, I would have missed that had I not realized the mistake I made when discriminating nickels!

After that I found a few more wheat pennies and some other relics. I’ve already posted most of those finds in a previous blog though.

Just as I was about to leave I got a nice high tone and decided to dig one last target. Imagine my surprise when I pulled this old car from the dirt!

I’ve seen similar toy cars by Barclay and Manoil, but I haven’t found this exact car online during my research. If you have any info on it, please let me know!

I believe that it is from the early 1900′s and I just love this little car! It appears that this car was lost shortly after the little boy got it. I say that because it has very few scratches on it and is in pretty good condition all things considered.

I haven’t been able to get out detecting as much as I’d like to due to the rainy weather lately. I recently picked up a EuroTek Pro metal detector and look forward to getting it out in the field and seeing what it can do. I think some Fisher F2 and EuroTek Pro comparisons will be interesting and look forward to seeing the results of some side by side tests!

Anyway, thanks for checking out my latest finds. If you are interested in reading my educational metal detecting articles, follow this link over to Detecting365 Metal Detecting Magazine to gain more knowledge about Research, Metal Detectors and the hobby of metal detecting.

Thanks for reading my latest blog, and Happy Hunting out there everyone!

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RhinoShield Screen Protector – Review

The areas that I detect the most are rough terrain. I am known to climb hills, slide down the other side, cross creeks, and trip on vines. I am exactly the kind of guy who needs a RHINOSHIELD Screen Protector for my phone!

Recently, I had a chance to review their RHINOSHIELD Screen Protector for the Iphone5.


The first thing that I noticed about it is that the packaging was really nice and secure. After opening the package, it was very obvious that application of the screen was going to be very easy, and it was since I had the screen protector attached in just a minute or two!

In this video you can see what makes RhinoShield unique, and see how it stands up to rigorous impact testing.

Product Available for the following brands:

Apple Blackberry Nexus


RHINOSHIELD Screen Protector Features

  • Impact Protection
  • Anti Shock
  • High Transparency
  • Anti FingerPrint
  • Note: unlike glass screen protectors, Rhino Shield will never shatter upon impact.

  • If you are in the market for an affordable and durable protector for your phone, Get a Rhino Shield screen protector today and make your phones screen shatterproof too.

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    Teknetics Eurotek Pro

    What’s this I spy…

    Teknetics EuroTek Pro 11" DD

    Teknetics EuroTek Pro 11″ DD

    Why it’s a Teknetics Eurotek Pro with 11 inch DD Coil!


    Should be fun doing some comparisons with the Fisher F2!

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    Back to the Homestead

    Awhile back I found a silver dime at an old homestead with the Fisher F5. Since then, I’ve gone back to that spot to do some detecting. The brush was thick and there wasn’t many places that I was able to swing, but I did pull a few neat finds from there.

    Through research I was able to figure out where the house stood on this property, so I went back for a short hunt and detected where I believe the front / side yard was.

    1919 Wheat Cent

    1919 Wheat Cent

    The oldest coin find that day was a 1919 Wheat penny. I also found 1936 and 1944 wheat cents in the same general area.


    After finding one of the wheat pennies I realized that I had been discriminating nickels, so I decided to scan my last hole to see if there were anymore coins around the area. Off to the side I got a nickel tone, so I dug it and it was in fact a nickel. This one is a 1938 Jefferson Nickel and it was down 4-5 inches. The Fisher F5 found it easily, once I lowered the discrimination down to where it should have been in the first place. Doh!

    IMG_0733 - Edited

    One of the targets was a sweet sounding high tone that got me excited. I thought I had a coin when I scraped the dirt back with my propointer and saw something silver and round laying there. My adrenaline was rushing for a few seconds there until I realized that it was probably just a keychain. It turns out that it is from Lion Oil company and probably from around the 1940′s or 50′s,maybe older.

    Lion Oil and Ford dealer, Somerville, Tennessee. Circa 1930-1945

    Lion Oil and Ford dealer, Somerville, Tennessee. Circa 1930-1945

    As I was leaving to go to another spot because the brush was too grown up, I decided to dig one last high tone on my way to the car. I dug down about 4 inches and pulled this toy car from the dirt.

    Fresh From The Dirt

    Fresh From The Dirt

    I describe this as a 1920′s or 1930′s toy car. I believe that it is made out of lead slag that was poured into molds. Notice the fine lines made my the mold seams. That leads me to believe that this car was lost shortly after the little boy got it. As you can see there is very little damage as far as scratches or gouges.

    Toy Car - Cleaned Up

    Toy Car – Cleaned Up

    I wish it still had the wheels, but in my opinion the car is beautiful as it is. It has a story to tell and this car is so darn cool that it doesn’t even need wheels!

    I knew immediately that it was an older toy because of the weight of it in my hand. I figure that it is probably from the 1930′s based on how it is made. I have seen similar cars by Barclay and Manoil, but none of them match this car exactly. I haven’t found much information about this car on the internet, so if you know anything about it, please leave a comment and let me know.

    The 1953 Roosevelt dime, and the dates of the older clad coins tells me that there is probably more siver there to be found. We’ll see!

    AT Pro Find

    On a different hunt, while using the AT Pro, I was metal detecting at an old fair grounds when I got a tone that got my attention. I don’t remember now what notch it was, but I am sure it was a mid or high tone. I dug down and 3 inches deep and had trouble finding the target since it was so small.


    After a minute or so I finally found the target. It was the smallest coin I’ve ever seen and I had no idea what it was exactly until I got it home and did some research. It is called a 1 tenge and it is from Kazakhstan! If only this coin could talk! Who knows how it got here but I was impressed that the AT Pro found a coin that small in a large field. Ironically, I also found a coin from Spain in that same field last year.

    So, there you have it, my latest finds and hunts. I’m hoping to do some water hunting too with my new AT Pro. There’s gotta be some gold out there waiting for me….somewhere…..

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    Garrett AT Pro Ring Finds

    2014 is turning out to be a fun year for me. Between the Fisher F5 and the AT Pro, I have found 4 rings so far in just 4 months. That is a pretty good ratio!

    In 5 hunts, the AT Pro has found 3 rings! One gold, one stainless steel, and one junker! But they are all rings, and all gave a solid tone. Since I have become more of a tone hunter, my jewelry count has gone way up!

    This past weekend, I was detecting at a park near a basketball court and about 3 inches down I found a ring! It was one of the first targets of the day, and was a surprise when I saw it in the hole!

    Garrett AT Pro Ring Find


    10K Gold with Cubic Zircons, but gold is gold and a ring is a ring!

    10K Ring found with AT Pro

    10K Ring found with AT Pro

    The number readouts on a target ID screen are useful, but my experience has been that there are too many variables that can skew those numbers on the screen. I used to sit back and search for high tones all the time, but it wasn’t until I started to really listen to and dig those mid tones that my jewelry finds increased!

    I switch off and on between the Fisher F5 and Garrett AT Pro, and often take both machines with me depending on the spot that I plan to metal detect. Both machines have their place, and both machines have found me rings this year!

    Fisher F5 Ring Find


    This ring, a 1950′s Roy Rogers ring was found at an old homestead in the woods. Well, there used to be an old homestead there, but all it is now is an old foundation. Near a very large tree, between where the house was and the creek, about 4-5 inches down I found this ring with the Fisher F5. It was a surprise considering where I was, but as they say, treasure is where you find it!

    Garrett AT Pro Ring Finds

    On the second hunt with the AT Pro, I was detecting at a park near a basketball court that I went to with the sole purpose of finding a ring.


    After about 30 minutes of detecting there, I got a nice high tone on the AT Pro, and dug down about 4 inches and pulled out this Spike brand Stainless Steel Ring. I simply said to myself, “That’s what I came here for!” The other junker ring pictured was found at a park and was the last target I planned to dig. Boy was I surprised when I saw a ring in the plug. It’s nothing major, but it wrapped up a hunt with a ring in the pock!

    Fisher F2 Ring Find

    The first hunt of 2014, on January 1st I was detecting at a park using my Fisher F2 and sniper coil. I got a zinc sounding signal and dug down about 2 inches and just about had a heart attack when I first saw this ring in the plug!


    This “bling” ring is what they call “Nitro” because it just about gave me a heart attack when I first saw it. Oh well, it was a great start to the year, and so far the trend has continued each month after finding this!

    Final Thoughts

    Am I becoming a better detectorist? Well, I would hope that I haven’t gotten worse! :) Am I finding more rings because of using better machines? Maybe, maybe not. Am I finding more rings because I dig more of the mid tones? Well, I think that is definitely a factor.

    All things considered I chalk these ring finds up to a combination of things. Location, Experience, Knowing the machines I use, Digging the Mid Tones and Getting the Coil Over the Target.

    So far that combination has been a good one, and I hope that the trend continues!

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    My Metal Detector Stable

    Oh yeah, we all love Detector Pics, so here’s a few shots for your enjoyment. The ponies wanted to come out of the stable for a photo shoot.


    Fisher F2 with Sniper coil, Fisher F5, and Garrett AT Pro with 5×8 coil!


    Then of Course, the new Garrett AT Pro in it’s natural All-Terrain surroundings!


    Man o’ Man, just look at those curves and the way they go all the way down to the shapely coil.


    Goodness Gracious, I Love how the sun glistens on the control body…lol

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